NPI: The One-Stop Solution

No matter who you are - if you're an individual needing training for a career in Inspection and Testing - contact NPI. We provide training and placement assistance in the world of Nondestructive Testing, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control.

No matter where you are - if you're in an industry needing QA, QC, Inspection or Testing for commercial construction, manufacturing, or maintenance - contact NPI. We have the qualified and certified quality professionals you're looking for.

NPI - NDE Professionals, Inc. is a dedicated group of certified professionals with well over a century of combined experience. Our vision: to provide a true one-stop company to train and provide the Complete Inspector.

NPI is our vision realized. Let it be yours.

Quality Policy and Statement

NDE Professionals, Inc. is an Oregon corporation located in Portland Oregon. NPI provides Quality Assurance, Quality Control and limited NDT services to industry. These services are marketed to business and industries desiring professional quality assurance, quality control, quality training, quality auditing, nondestructive testing and NDT Level III services. The objective of NPI is to ensure:
  • services meet the requirements of the NPI Quality Assurance System including all supporting procedures and work instructions;
  • customer satisfaction is consistent with professional standards and ethics;
  • continuous improvement of service;
  • adequate consideration is given to the laws of society and the environment;
  • efficiency in providing outside agency QA/QC/NDT training and auditing services;
  • adequate control of services provided;
  • customer complaints are promptly dealt with to assure customer satisfaction;
  • customer confidentiality and proprietary rights are not violated as a result of services provided.
It is the policy of NDE Professionals, Inc. to establish and adhere to all activities outlined in the NPI Quality Assurance Manual. All employed and subcontracted NPI personnel are subject to the requirements of this program and are responsible for adhering to, and executing, those policies and/or activities described herein and pertinent to their assignments.

Quality Assurance

Over a wide variety of industries, NPI's fully certified inspectors and state-of-the-art equipment are on call when you need them: for a day, a week, you name it. We assist in assuring that your products meet customer specifications.

NDE Professionals, Inc. (NPI) is pleased to announce that we have achieved Nadcap accreditation for the aerospace and prime government industries. Every part that we process at our facility whether commercial or aerospace, receives the benefit of the tight controls, mandatory testing and traceability required by Nadcap. This accreditation further signifies NPI’s ongoing commitment to quality.

Nadcap is the Performance Review Institute’s aerospace industry accreditation program, created to help ensure that the products and services provided by aerospace manufacturers and suppliers meet specified safety, quality and reliability requirements. NPI has Nadcap accreditation in liquid penetrant testing as well as a quality system accreditation.

Training & Certification Exams

We have a complete curriculum for developing the Complete Inspector, which includes: QA, QC and specific training in Nondestructive Testing and Mechanical inspection. Students will walk away with the necessary skills to become a quality professional.
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Inspection & Test Services

Regardless of industry, whether you desire quality planning, quality control, auditing, quality program or procedure development, NPI is here to serve your specific needs.

Contract Services

NPI has the capability to staff both large and small projects. We can also provide quality assistance at any level you require, in addition to providing the necessary project-specific inspection and test equipment.
Contact NPI today for all your Nondestructive Testing and Quality Consulting needs.

We've Got You Covered

NPI provides quality professionals for these applicable industry sectors:
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines/Refineries
  • Building & Bridge Construction
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Semiconductor Facilities
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Welding
  • Power Plant Construction
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Transportation Industries