NDE Professionals, Inc. Incorporated in the state of Oregon in 1991. Over 15 quality professionals employed.


Over 7,400 square feet of office, training, and laboratory space.

Quality System:

NPI quality program meets the requirements of NQA-1 and IEC/ISO-17025.

safety and quality
• President, Level III & Instructor -Dave Johnson
• Quality Manager, Level III & Instructor - Jeff Howell
• Instructor Level III - Nick McCoy
• Chief Inspector & Lab Technician - Kristen Dennis
• Instructor Level III - Robert M. Hosman
• Office Manager - Jennifer Martel
• Office Assistant - Brandee Tarilton


NDE Professionals, Inc.
13339 NE Airport Way
Suite 100
Portland, OR 97230

503.287.5255 (p)
503.287.5992 (f)
800.760.8906 (toll free)

Services Provided:

NDT/Quality Training
NDT Level III Consulting
QA/QC NDT Services
Quality Program Development
Mechanical Integrity and Failure Analysis

Questions and inquiries can be sent to:

NPI Offices
NDE Professionals, Inc. Quality Training Center