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1. Admission Requirements                                                       
Each student must complete and submit an enrollment form indicating the necessary personal/company information and program(s) wishing to attend.  Enrollment forms must be received two weeks prior to the first scheduled day of class.  Applicants will be notified of QTC acceptance within two weeks after enrolment/registration submittal.

2. Attendance Policy

Students will be required to attend all training days. Tardiness is not acceptable behavior and students arriving late for class more than three times will be placed on probation and if applicable their supervisor will be notified. If probation does not improve during the probationary period, QTC many suspend or terminate enrollment. 

3. Student Conduct Policy

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Respect, courtesy, and sensitivity are behavioral practices expected among students, instructors, and administrative personnel throughout the   education program.  Appropriate behavior includes regular and punctual attendance.  Students are to conduct themselves in a professional, legal, and cooperative manner that is not disruptive, harassing, intimidating, dangerous to themselves or others, and that does not hinder the progress of other students in the school.  Students are expected to maintain classrooms, equipment, and the clinic floor at a level comparable to professional industry standards.  Deviation from these standards may result in the termination of training.

4. Student Conduct Policy (cont.)

Disciplinary Policy - The QTC reserves the right to dismiss students for violence, misuse of equipment and/or improper conduct.  The option for dismissal and reinstatement shall be as determined by the QTC Director.

Disciplinary Process - Warning notices shall be issued to students and if applicable their direct supervisor will be notified for those who are in jeopardy of probation, unsatisfactory progress, or termination.

Discipline Violation Categories - Students will receive warning when;

  • their Academic cumulative is below the minimum 70%
  • their Attendance is below 80%
  • their Conduct violates the school policies and/rules.

Warnings may be verbal or written.  When the violation is significant, the warning shall be written and will be given to the student and if applicable his or her direct supervisor. Any disciplinary action shall be determined by the QTC Director and explained fully in writing.

5. Grading System

The following grading system shall be used in determining a student’s progress.

A – 90 to 100%
B – 80 to 89%
C – 70 to 79%
D – 60 to 69%
F – below 59%

Successful completion of an individual program requires a final grade average of C or above.  Failure to obtain a passing grade for a specific program will require retaking of the final exam (at the instructors recommendation). There is no additional fee required for retaking a final exam as long as it is retaken with in 30 days.

6. Program and Course Certificates

  • Students successfully completing a program or course shall receive a Certificate of Training indicating the program/course name, student’s name, training clock hours, instructors name and date of program(s).

7. Payment Policy

Payment is due on the first day of class either by purchase order or check.  If paying by PO fax or email a copy once one has been established to the QTC.  If paying by check and receipt can be provided on the first day of class.  We do not accept credit cards.

8. Cancellation Notice

  • To prevent a cancellation charge you must cancel five (5) business days in advance of the first day of class.  If you cancel after the five (5) business days in advance you will be required to pay the total class cost and a credit to our next allowable class will be given.

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