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NDE Quality Training Center PortlandThe Quality Training Center is located at 13339 N.E. Airport Way, Suite 100 (one mile East of the Portland International Airport).

The facility is approximately 7400 sq. ft. with 1600 sq. ft. of classroom. The student test laboratory and work area is over 3400 sq. ft. and is equipped with:

  • A new computed radiography (CR) cabinet with full digital functions offering many advantages.
  • A fully operational hydrophilic and water-washable penetrant line.
  • A magnetic particle horizontal bench unit and portable AC equipment.
  • Conventional and phased array ultrasonic instrumentation and apparatus.
  • Visual testing fiber optic and remote video scope imaging systems.
  • Hundreds of casting, piping, tubing, and welded test samples.

ndt equipment
The test lab meets the ISO/IEC 17025 quality system requirements and the nondestructive testing systems are compliant with NADCAP AC7114.


Services Provided

Quality Training CenterNDT/Quality Training
NDT Level III Consulting
QA/QC NDT Services
Quality Program Development
Mechanical Integrity and Failure Analysis


Quality Assurance/
Quality Control

QA/QC Consulting and Services

  • NDT Qualification and Certification
  • QA/NDT Auditing
  • NDT Technique / System Development

History and References

Level III Personnel

FAA Repair Station

In-House Inspection



Non Destructive Testing &
Aerospace Quality System AC7004

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